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We specialise in helping students progress through the final few years before university. We offer courses for years 10 and 11 taking IGCSEs to years 12 and 13 taking university pathways. For students whose English level is low, we also have extended IGCSE courses designed to introduce students to studying humanities and science subjects in English while developing their language at the same time. 

International Bridging Pathway

International Bridging Pathway

We offer an initial year of study for those students whose English proficiency is not sufficient to study on their chosen course. During this pathway, we build students’ English language for study, and develop the study skills required to study in the medium of English. In addition to following a traditional Grammar and Vocabulary syllabus, and developing skills in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking in English, students also develop skills in Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity and Communication so that they are ready to confidently begin their chosen study progression.

Year 10 & 11


Studying IGCSE at Westminster College Bangkok provides a great opportunity for younger students, many of whom aspire to progress onto one of our foundation programmes, to learn from our inspiring teachers in small classes. This course is an excellent platform for moving onto the next level of study, as well as a great opportunity to increase proficiency in English.

Extended IGCSE

The Extended IGCSE allows students to build their English level while being introduced to some academic topics. After students have increased their ability to study successfully in English, they will join the one-year IGCSE to gain entry to a pre-university foundation course.

Year 12 & 13

UNSW Foundation Studies

This one year Foundation Studies program is your supportive pathway to study in Australia. On completion of the program, you are guaranteed entry to the First Year of any UNSW degree. It also offers a pathway for direct application to any Australian university, including the Go8.

Kings Advanced
Level Foundation

Kings Advanced Level Foundation is a rigorous one-year pre-university programme that bridges the gap between competing high school and starting an undergraduate degree at top-ranked UK, US, Australian, Thai, and other leading international universities.

International Advanced High School Programme

The International Advanced High School Programme has been developed by combining the UK's Advanced Level Foundation and the US High School Diploma. It is accepted for university applications worldwide, whether in Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada - and many other countries too.

Students will graduate with 3 internationally recognised awards

US High School

This programme covers many interesting subjects including physical and life sciences, and humanities. Upon completion, students can progress directly into the first year of a US degree with one of Kings’ partner universities. After year one in the US, students can either choose to complete their degree in the partner university, or they can transfer to a guaranteed place at a top 100 university.


For students aiming to go to Cambridge or Oxford University, or any of the UK premium G5 universities (LSE, UCL or Imperial), taking A-levels is a great route to acquire the qualifications that will gain you entry. to these prestigious institutions.