Student Success

Our Pillars of Success

Westminster College Bangkok is committed to fostering a community where students not only develop knowledge, but also acquire the skills, values, and aspirations needed to become lifelong learners and successful contributors to society, as we move into the fourth industrial revolution.

We understand that every student possesses unique talents, potential, and dreams. Our mission is not only to help them excel academically, but also to ignite their aspirations and equip them with the tools to achieve their goals.

Our approach
is innovative,
but simple

First and foremost: the academic. We see academic excellence as fundamental to our students’ success. This means having excellent pathways, taught by inspiring teachers, who push students to develop critical thought processes, and problem-solving techniques.

Secondly: an apprenticeship for the outside world. We know that in order to succeed in life, educational qualifications alone are not enough. We therefore provide a bridge between academic knowledge and its application in the outside world. This means students acquiring practical skills relevant to the way we work both today and in the future.

Finally: aspiration and ethics. In order to succeed in both the academic and the real world, students need to have ambition and drive. At Westminster College Bangkok, we aim to instil into our students a sense of purpose, self-confidence, and a vision for their future. We realise that it is only by dreaming big, can they maximise their potential. However, we also teach personal growth in a moral and ethical context to ensure we are developing happy and fulfilled adults of the future.

Communication with Parents

We realise that parents’ involvement with their child’s learning is important and that this involvement adds to and strengthens the overall school community. We believe that having clear communication and feedback between the school and parents is therefore essential. This is why we have several channels of communication open throughout a student’s time with us:

Regular Newsletters

Keeping parents informed about upcoming events, school activities, classroom happenings, and important announcements.

Open Houses and School Events

Great opportunities for parents to visit classrooms, meet teachers, and gain a deeper understanding of the school environment.

Our Counselling Service

We offer support and guidance to parents on issues related to their child's strategic educational planning, behaviour, and well-being.

Our feedback mechanism

This allows parents a clear channel to express their concerns or share suggestions