Our School Facilities


We work in a clean, light and modern building which imbues a sense of professional pride and community in our school. Quite simply, our students are proud to study, and our employees are proud to work here.

Teaching and learning inside the school

Inside the classroom, we recognize the importance of up-to-date classroom equipment in facilitating effective teaching. We regularly invest in modern technology and classroom tools to ensure that teachers have access to the resources they need. High-quality audio-visual equipment for engaging and dynamic lessons, more specifically computers and projectors in every classroom allowing for interactive whiteboards using Microsoft Whiteboard and additionally the projection of PPTs and PDFs.

Learning Beyond the classroom

We believe that learning in the classroom is crucial for students’ success, but it is not the whole picture. This is why our students go on various field trips, attend interactive presentations with individuals who are successful in their field, and also meet with prospective universities. All of this makes a huge difference in the way our students view the world, and how they see themselves succeeding within it.