International Advanced High School Programme

International Advanced High School Programme

The International Advanced High School Programme has been developed by combining the UK's Advanced Level Foundation and the US High School Diploma. It is accepted for university applications worldwide, whether in Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada - and many other countries too.

Students will graduate with internationally recognised awards:

  1. Kings Advanced Level Foundation Diploma (Kings Education UK)
  2. US High School Diploma
  3. Equivalency to Thai High School Diploma

Entry Requirements

This program is open to students with the following educational record or qualifications:

Completion of Year 11 of high school (completion of Year 12 not required) or equivalent
Mathayom 5
Equivalent qualifications of 1-3 above
IELTS 5.5 or equivalent // direct admission test

Fees & scholarships


Start dates

September 2024 (1 year)

Study Pathway

A Pathway is the area of study for international students before entering to the first-year bachelor’s degree at a university overseas. If you’re planning to study a Foundation Studies program or a Transition Program, you will need to choose the pathway which aligns to your preferred degree. This will enable you to focus only on the subjects that are most relevant and of most interest to you.

The International Advanced High School Programme is a rigorous pre-university programme that bridges the gap between completing high-school and starting an undergraduate degree in the UK, US & Australia, and Thailand. Completion of the programme allows direct progression to top-ranking universities.

The International Advanced High School Programme is extremely flexible and allows students to follow their passion by choosing from a wide range of subjects across sciences, mathematics, arts and humanities. We help students choose the subjects which are best for their intended undergraduate degree.

Our highly qualified and mature teachers take great care to ensure the ideas and concepts presented at this higher level are accessible to our students through the tailored support that we offer, which includes support to increase their level of English proficiency too.