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Westminster College Bangkok proudly announces an exciting partnership with University of New South Wales to deliver the UNSW Foundation Program in Thailand. This collaboration marks a significant step in providing quality educational opportunities and pathways for students in the region. 

The UNSW Foundation Studies is a forward-thinking pathway initiative specifically crafted to assist Thai students in transitioning to university-level studies. It stands out as the sole Australian foundation program available in Thailand. Upon successfully completing the Foundation Program, students gain the opportunity to advance to the first year of an undergraduate degree at UNSW Sydney or any other Australian university, including those belonging to the prestigious Group of Eight (Go8).

Richard Hallows, the Principal of the College, introduces the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Foundation Programme as a comprehensive alternative to conventional pathways to university. This program places a strong emphasis on enhancing English language proficiency, academic study skills, and a thorough comprehension of course content. The primary goal is to empower students with a sense of autonomy while providing a supportive and secure environment, facilitating a smooth transition from high school to university learning.

Sarah Lightfoot, CEO of UNSW College, highlighted the distinctive nature of this program, emphasizing its alignment with the global standards established by UNSW Sydney, presently ranked 19th worldwide.

Amelia Walsh, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for Thailand and Laos (Austrade), emphasized the overview of Australian Education Quality and Opportunities. Australia’s reputation for having a high-quality education system is well known, providing a multitude of opportunities for students across different academic levels.

Brad Hall, Head of Transnational Education at UNSW Sydney, expanded on the core of the program, which mirrors the high-caliber curriculum provided in Sydney, ensuring a consistent educational experience globally. The program’s thorough approach equips students through specialized streams which are Commerce or Actuarial Studies, Arts & Social Sciences, Design & Architecture, Physical or Life Science, and Science & Engineering.

Soon Choo Chua, Deputy Regional Director (ASEAN & NA) at UNSW Sydney, pointed out the vibrant campus life that awaits students in Australia. This includes a rich array of clubs, societies, wellness activities, and initiatives promoting academic and career success. The integrated model goes beyond academic excellence, focusing on imparting interpersonal skills, fostering teamwork capabilities, and providing a deep understanding of the global job market. This holistic approach ensures that students are well prepared for their future careers.

The UNSW foundation program goes beyond academic preparation by instilling a robust sense of international camaraderie among students. By introducing them to a global network of peers from countries such as Indonesia, China, Japan, and South Korea, the program nurtures a sense of belonging and an international perspective among its participants from an early stage. Furthermore, the program’s commitment to continuous support and development ensures that students not only excel academically, but also successfully attain their desired degrees.


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