Westminster College Bangkok partnership with Kings Education

Westminster College Bangkok is excited to announce its official partnership with Kings Education, enhancing its educational offerings with a robust curriculum that aligns with both UK and US standards. This collaboration is set to provide students with a comprehensive educational pathway, leading to top universities in the UK, US, Australia, and other international destinations.

As part of this partnership, Westminster College Bangkok will offer a variety of esteemed academic programmes, including:

  • US High School Diploma
  • GCSEs
  • A-levels
  • University foundation programmes

These programmes are designed to prepare students thoroughly for higher education and professional success, ensuring they are well-equipped for the academic challenges ahead. Kings Education’s proven track record of success in helping students gain entry to prestigious universities will now be a cornerstone of Westminster College Bangkok’s offerings.

“Kings has welcomed many students from Thailand for many years. We have given them life-changing experiences and opportunities, supporting them as they achieve their educational dreams in the UK and US. Kings Bangkok builds on this success.” (Kings, 2024)

This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering world-class education and broadening the horizons for our students.

For more information about the new programmes and the partnership, please visit Kings Advanced Level Foundation.

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